One Month

Today is May 8. On June 8 I walk across the stage in cap and gown to receive my MBA diploma. One month. The end of two years of work.

I cannot wait!

To be fair, this quarter has been very manageable. I took one fewer class so the work load is MUCH lighter, and my final project is in final reviews (aka: mostly down time and waiting). This afternoon I will be on campus for my second to last intensive weekend.

We are excited about being on the other side of graduation. We have two large summer trips in the hopper, and a laundry list of other hikes, adventures and projects to tackle. First up: a San Juan islands kayak trip. Currently slated for the end of July. August will bring a weekend of camping and hiking in the North Cascades, and then September rounds out the summer with a camping surf trip to Oregon. It’s going to be a good summer!

Mixed in with all that is our plethora of house projects, seeing family, and oh yea, working.

We are already getting a taste of school freedom. This week I had no classes, and each night we would take a walk to the beach. We have two beaches within walking distance from our house. Matt likes to say we have a sunrise beach (east facing) and a sunset beach (west facing). We love being no more than 20 minutes from the water by foot!


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