Go Bold!

Life is too short for boring colors.

Our house needs a new coat of paint (badly!) which started our search for the perfect color. White trim was a must, and from there we just knew we wanted BRIGHT! Bright as in Caribbean/Florida colors…that was our first choice. But after thinking harder, we realized that palate doesn’t really fit in up here in the Pacific Northwest. We still wanted bold though, and all the basic neutrals out there were way too boring.

We finally decided on green, and so it was a quest to find the perfect shade. We ended up picking one called Herb Garden, and then sat on it for a few months. Last minute before buying test paint, we moved on shade darker on the card to Thyme Green. So happy we did! (Note on paint: we use Behr from Home Depot…highly rated by consumer reports and has served us well many times).

Before investing in a whole house’s worth of paint we decided on a trial run by painting our garden shed. It was also in desperate need of some maintenance and paint so was the perfect place to really see if this color was “right”.

We cleaned and scrubbed and with a freak week of 80 weather had a perfect window for April painting. The verdict: perfect! It was EXACTLY what we wanted! Bold and bright but fitting at our latitude.


AFTER: (well, with one coat. no photos of the FINAL product yet 🙂

To go along with our freshly painted shed, our garden is all prepped and we are planting away. 9 varieties of tomatoes went in today! It is going to be a good summer on the homestead!

Another project is disrupting our normal patterns: drywall in the house! Our cracking/funky looking living room ceiling will be fresh and new next week! For the meantime, we are livingroom-less and have dust EVERYWHERE! We also have wall paint waiting in the wings to complete the springtime makeover.


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