Happy Things

It was another full weekend full of happy things.

  • Costco and pho date night on Friday
  • Lazy Saturday morning
  • Garage sale – with a great 1920s oak antique cabinet find for $100 (and he delivered it!) isn’t it beautiful?

  • Farmers market
  • Finding ground buffalo on sale
  • Making FBI approved red sauce with legit San Marzanos in Matt’s Grandma’s old Le Cruset
  • My high school prom date’s wedding…and catching up with great friends from those days
  • Seeing a sweet friend’s baby bump!
  • Dressing up and commuting by bus and ferry
  • Another sale: tile saw for $5! And some free silverware and an glass oil lamp
  • Getting two rooms prepped for drywall repair and new paint

  • First plantings in the garden: strawberries, spinach, chard, beets and carrots

  • Sleeping with the kitties
  • Visiting Grandpo for dinner…there are not many more of these left

It was a fabulous weekend. Crazy weather! We saw the brightest rainbow of my life on Sunday! Now here is to a great week full of drywall repair, a crazy messed up house, and sunshine!


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