Stitch Fix Box Two

Few months back I tried Stitch Fix for the first time. It was fun but the pieces have not made their way into my totally mainstream wardrobe. Regardless, I figured good, detailed reviews (and sending them to my blog post review) would help them hone their picks for my style and body.

Enter: box #2.


It arrived Wednesday but I waited till Thursday to open it on a night when I did not have class. On top: a great blue patterned casual dress. The fabric felt great and I immediately slipped it on. It is not what I would usually pick, the these pics do not really do it justice, but I really liked the way it felt on! Perfect dress for a summer event or baby shower etc. It looks better with my hair up too. One con: the hemline pattern was not cut quite straight, but it is so small it will probably not even be noticed. I would have like it to be “right” though. KEEP! (Emily Geo Print Drawstring Dress)

Good start!

Item #2 was a bold lavender flowy shirt. I have tried on tons of flowy tops and, well, they have never been that flattering or well fitting. This one fit though! I really liked it…almost wish I had another one in another color! Keep! (Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse)

To go with the lavender top….JEANS! Super dark skinnies (I am in desperate need of new jeans) that slipped right on, were high enough rise to flatter, and did not gap at the waist! Score! They were LONG too…enough for a cuff. KEEP! (Adorra Skinny Jean)

Man, I was on a ROLL! I also decided to keep the price sheet unopened so that I was looking at the pieces un-swayed by the price tags.

Item #4 was a dress. The first thing I noticed was the bright bold colors, and then the great feel of the crepe-ish fabric. It felt cool to touch, like it would feel awesome in the summer. I slipped on the dress and liked the way it fit and felt, but was concerned it was a bit “young” looking. I was not sure I could picture it as an office outfit, which is really my goal with these fixes. On the fence on this one. (Daphne Scalloped Colorblock Dress)

The final piece was another dress! (I love dresses and wear them 4-5 days a week) This one was also a bright salmon color (lots of pink and springy colors in this box) and had a really cool neckline. I was excited to put it on, especially since the fabric was a very soft flowy silk. Cons: exposed zipper (apparently this is a thing…I am not a fan) and it is a dry clean dress. Fit: a tad big on the top. Verdict…I still loved it. It felt professional and feminine and really quite “me”. I decided that the seams were easy to alter, so it was a keep. The zipper was ok too . KEEP! (Kellyn V-Neck Shift Dress)


Humm, so now the decision. I was still on the fence about the scallop edge dress, but after re-trying it on with a cardigan and heels decided to keep it. You get 25% off if you keep all five pieces so really it was “free” if I did that. So yep, this fix was a total win! All 5 pieces are going to get great mileage in my closet, and give me some more feminine pieces to play with. And new jeans! Woohoo!!!

Next fix: June 11. I hope I get some more great pieces! Armed with new jeans and three new blazers I feel ready to mix and match with more fun pieces. I would love a maxi dress (or two?) and some work dresses. I like these but they were almost too short for my taste. Can’t wait for the next box!

Want to give it a try? I highly recommend it! If you do, please use my referral link 🙂


9 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Box Two

  1. Lauren, you look amazing in all of these. I especially love the lavender top and jeans! Love it! So excited for mine! Did you end up working with the same stylist or did it change in between fix 1 and fix 2?

    • It always changes but they really look carefully at all your notes. You leave a review on each piece (those you and and those you send back) to comment on fit, how much you like it etc. I think the fact that it was my second box really helped!

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  4. What a great Fix! All of the pieces look great on you – the dresses are fantastic. I sure hope I can get a Fix worth the 25% discount soon!

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