100 Days

In 100 days I will have my MBA. I will be through with my 18th year of school. I will be back to having TIME! (yea that won’t last long…)

I am so excited to tackle house projects, get back in shape, blog more, do art, garden, spend weekends homework free, and celebrate these last two years of work. Oh it will be so nice!

So what have we been up to recently? School and work. That is about it. I have been out of town more days in the past two weeks than home, and am so ready for the weekend. Two whole days of nothing but being home on our little island…maybe dotted with some snow (and I suppose homework but I am choosing to ignore that point for now). Right now it is sunny in Seattle and absolutely stunning!

Armed with a tax refund and bonus (woot!) we are tackling some house projects and some wardrobe refreshers for me. Item 1 – new living room rug! Here is a preview…it arrives on Tuesday!!!

Red 5' 2 x 9' 8 Borchelu Rug | Persian Rugs | eSaleRugs

I have be coveting a new purse for ages, specifically one that I can sling across my body on the bus. Professional style, high quality, leather, with personality. I have searched high and low and recently came across this custom beauty on Etsy! Now I just have to decide if I order it in sand (pictured) or brown. I’d love some other opinions!

13.5 inch. wide x 9 inch. tall x 5.5 inch. deep

We have crocus blooming and I expect other bulbs will pop open today with all this sunshine. Spring is on the way!


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