Last week I took an amazing facilitation course. Connecting people with different ideas and different perspectives to create something new is my calling. I love it. And facilitation skills are key to being effective. This course: awesome.

On day one we did an interesting exercise. What does it mean to by truly present with another person? We were to stand in front of another member of the class (that we did not know) and just look at them eye to eye and experience the…well, experience. It was crazy. We stood there for 17 minutes and it felt like 5. Uncomfortable, disconcerting, calming, embarrassing, flattering. We all ran a gambit of emotion and thoughts. But you know what? It taught me something about how I normally am when I thought I was present in the past. I move my eyes too much, think about other things. This illustrated to me the value of just being with someone else. Powerful. And changing.

Since that exercise I have shifted my focus to this intention: presence.

I am  navigating crazy stress and too many things to juggle. Extra classes. Work. Travel. Catch up on homework. There is a lot…and I am working hard to just be present with it all.

Today I worked from home. Cranked through some back burner work. Checked over 10 things off my list. Called my mom. Talked to an alum about a job dream. Finished our taxes. Ate mac and cheese.

Presence. It is amazing what you can get done when you stop worrying and let yourself just be.


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