A Snowy Weekend

Our evening ritual of writing the “top 5” best things about our day has been a challenge…there are just too many good things happening to squeeze it into 5!

Thursday and Friday brought memorable evenings out with good friends…one couple is practically a brand new friendship and that makes it even better! We are finding our groove for fitting in socialization both on and off the island.

Saturday we woke up and Matt was sick. Like stay-in-bed-all-day sick. I was excited to take advantage of the quiet house and crank through some school work. Well that did not happen.

I glanced out the back window and noticed a geyser of a broken water pipe. Awesome. Luckily it was out near the garden shed and not causing any damage…but I still needed to figure out how to turn it off. I called the water district and they sent someone out to turn off the meter (joy, no water) and he walked me through some options for fixing it. We boiled it down to two: a DIY cap or call a plumber. I decided to try my hand at plumbing and drove down to the hardware store, bought some supplies and headed home to work. Two hours later and after another trip to the hardware store the pipe was capped and curing.

I headed inside to get some work done, and take care of my sweet sick husband. I took a break in the afternoon to try on my Stitch Fix box (review here!) and Matt documented the outfits as my personal photographer.

After creamy tomato soup for dinner we watched some Olympics and then around 8:00 the snow started to fall. We don’t get a lot of snow here and so it is pretty exciting when it does come. It piled up to just over 3 inches and we went on a late night trek through the yard before bed.

Thankfully the snow was still there in the morning! It was silent and oh so peaceful outside as I walked around with the cats. They were not happy to be out but I dragged them with me anyway. Isn’t our house adorable in the snow?!

The peaceful morning was interrupted by me falling down the stairs while carrying a case of wine. Bruised tailbone, some tears, but amazingly no broken bottles of wine! It was pretty loud and scary though.

Matt made an amazing breakfast (if you eat it at 1:00 it still counts right?) of carrot cake pancakes and eggs with prosciutto. So good! Topped off with fresh lattes it is a great snow day breakfast.

Our little family is now curled up near the fire as the snow starts to melt outside. I am plugging away at homework while Matt continues to recover from his weekend sickness. It feels good to be safe, warm and cozy on our little snowy island.


2 thoughts on “A Snowy Weekend

  1. Awww..your house looks adorable in the snow. Isn’t it just beautiful? My goodness, you had quite the weekend! Happy to hear the pipe is fixed and the wine wasn’t broke but I bet that poor tailbone hurts. Hope Matt is feeling better. 🙂

    • thanks Staci 🙂 we are all on the mend. It was so fun to be at home (even sick) on a day that really felt like winter. Totally a treat out here in the PNW!

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