Wait…it’s February?!

Where is the time going? We are in the midst of another cold spell here in the PNW…Portland has snow, Seattle has COLD, and I am so happy that I have my new down coat I ordered in December. It has made my commute so much more comfortable.

Speaking of commute, ours has been a challenge this week. One day the water taxi made it ALL the way to Vashon, only to turn around and head back to Seattle. Bus-run-ferry-bus home got us home later than we would have liked, but the sense of community of ALL of us doing it together made it a lot better. Then last night the water taxi was down due to mechanical issues, but we had happy hour plans anyway so it was not a big deal. This morning, mechanical issues again so we took the ferry and bus. Not too bad! We are learning the ins-and-outs of our commute!

In general things are going well for us on the island. School is a lot. Work is a lot, and there is not enough time to do all the things we want. We did manage to have a great weekend for superbowl: homemade pizza, a little yard work and watching the Seahawks trounce the Broncos. Fun day even for a pair that is not typically excited about pro football!

Let’s see, what else is new? The cat’s are well on their way with the toilet training! We are almost ready to remove another ring! We learned after some challenges two rings ago that it is helpful to leave them locked in the bathroom for 2 days or so when you switch to the next level. We are optimistic that they are going to be a success story!

I worked from home on Wednesday which was a nice break from the office and commute. I love that I have flexibility to do that.

Another highlight: I got my first Stich Fix box last night! It was so much fun to open and I was really impressed with the choice they sent! Full review and photos coming this weekend.

We are getting in some good friend time too…went to Happy Hour at Radiator Whiskey with Cassie and Drew (so much fun!) and then tonight we go to Benny and Lana’s for dinner! Homework breaks to hang out with friends are so worth it.

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Wait…it’s February?!

  1. We’re getting a lot of cold here too. This week it barely got above 0 degrees F every day. Yuck. I worked from home on Tuesday and it was amazing. This stitch fix thing seems really interesting. Can’t wait for your review!

    • Wow! That is COLD! Stay warm 🙂 I just whiny about cold when it hits 28…

      Stay tuned for the review! It is SO fun…you should totally try it (and use my referral link…sorry for the shameless plug!) 🙂

  2. Hooray for the cats! And Hooray for the Seahawks! Why couldn’t they do that when I lived there??? 🙂 Sounds like an interesting commute – so much better than being in a car for hours, even if you have to find something to do for a bit. Sounds like you’ve got great homework breaks!!

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