A new year is a great place to start fresh. We started some new traditions this year, and brought back some 2013 fun that may evolve into an annual event. Let’s start with that fun event: Mexico! In 2013 we took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Todos Santos, Mexico and learned to surf. After a week of relaxation, fresh food, tortillas, sunsets and surf we were hooked. We have been talking about going back since before we even left. So last week we booked our second trip…this time for 10 days. It is the same week near the end of March (my spring break) and so the countdown has begun! Booking this, and knowing that we need to have our surfing muscles ready to go, commitment/tradition #2 became even more important: getting back in shape!

We literally stopped working out the day we moved. A combination of house projects, a new commute, no gym (so sad, no more kickboxing!), and our workout space full of boxes made our active evenings drastically slow down. Holiday goodies combined with no working out left both of us with a few extra pounds and strength pretty zapped. Not good for catching waves! So we are back to the workouts! We cleaned out a room in the basement and have been doing daily workouts. We are both already feeling better! Bathing suits in less than three months sure are a good motivator…

2014 brought another new tradition to our family: a family journal. Every night we are each writing 5 things that were good about our day or something we are thankful for in our life. A bulleted journal of nothing but the good stuff. The intent is to go to bed on a positive note even on rough days, and is something we can continue with our kids many years into the future.

And I guess this is a good place for an update on the cats and their 2013 potty training adventure. Well, things are going slowly. We were having great success with transitioning them to using the full toilet litter box stage (1 of 6), but as soon as we removed the first small hole, the cats were NOT happy. They were holding it and having accidents. It all came to a head this weekend when Alki peed on Matt’s hiking boots. The cats are quarantined to the bathroom, and getting lots of encouragement and support until a) they get it or b) we give up. Alki in particular seems to be ok if you are there coaching her through the apparently scary process so we will see how it goes. Patience.

Final commitment: stay focused and motivated for school. Only 5 months to go!


One thought on “Tradition

  1. Hooray for your upcoming trip! That’s definitely something to look forward to. I love the family journal idea. Something you’ll always look forward to looking back at. Oh, the poor cats {or rather poor you!}…..I hope they get it soon. 🙂

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