Kicking off the New Year

Our happiness cups are overflowing at the start of 2014. We had the best holiday season in years: a full Christmas eve and TWO Christmas Days that both felt like the real deal. We spent time with so much family, and really connected with some of our siblings in ways that we had not for many years. For New Year’s Eve we did it how we like to: easy hanging out with friends, games and pizza. I was still feeling a bit under the weather from my cold, but Matt and his buddy Matt trekked down to the beach for a nighttime beach adventure, and then we rang in the New Year with his brother Adam, his girlfriend Lauren, and buddy Chris. Happy 2014 from Vashon!

The next morning we kept things mellow with a yummy breakfast and adventure around the Island. We drove out to the lighthouse and skipped rocks on the beach.

We are taking this year to wrap up school, settle into our community, and breathe. It will be a year to intentionally focus our energy where we choose to, and just let go of the rest. Here is what we are thinking right now:

  • Community: Get more involved on the island and find a good group of friends
  • Travel: A trip to Mexico for more surf and either a road trip or East Coast/Iceland…or Arizona…or somewhere else J
  • House Projects: painting the decks and house exterior, addressing loose wood floor boards, sealing the attic and replacing the access door
  • Homestead: a big garden! And add chickens and bees
  • School: graduate in June!
  • Work: keep assessing to make sure we are growing in the right direction

 Wishing you a great start to your fantastic adventures in 2014!


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