My 12 Days of Christmas: Three, Two, One! DONE!

Note to self: planned blogging is hard. More hard? Planned blogging during the holidays. Clearly, I did not get around to finishing my series, so I guess I will just do a quick recap. The final 3 days of our Christmas were full, and busy and crazy fun…and exhausting.

Christmas Eve Eve (Monday) was spent making the last of our cookies, hanging a new light fixture and exploring a Dolphin Point and Wingehaven Park, a waterfront park ~20 a minute walk from our house. It was spectacular weather…sunny, warm and absolutely beautiful.

That evening we visited island friends and delivered cookies. We spent time with our woodturner friend David and saw his amazing handmade homestead for the first time. We are constantly amazed by the wonderful people and spirit of this community.

Tuesday we rushed to get ready for two nights away for Christmas. Why does it always end in a rush before you leave the house? We packed the car and caught an afternoon ferry just in time for mass. We attended the children’s mass on Capitol Hill with Matt’s uncle’s side of the family before heading to their house for an epic family tradition: the southern Italian Feast of Seven Fishes. Loud, fun, singing, wine,  seafood, food and more seafood! Course after course of wonderful seafood.

After the party we drove out to Matt’s parent’s house to spend the night and wake up for Christmas day with them. We had cinnamon rolls and gifts and then the rest of the family arrived around 3. More food (I am still stuffed), gifts and lots of laughter.


We decided to spend just a bit more time with family and spend the night rather than coming home Christmas night. We ended our evening with hot buttered whiskey and stories around the dining room table.

It was a very good Christmas.

And this weekend we are off for round two with my family!


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