My 12 Days of Christmas: Seven, no, this will be Six

part of my 12 Days of Christmas series

So I might be a little behind in my countdown. Today (well, actually a few days ago) was supposed to be a reflection on seven. But it’s my blog right? I decided to cut that lost day and just move on.

This is quite appropriate because my Day 6 is actually the primary reason I am behind in the first place: a wonderful time sink called grad school. I am in my second (and final) year of my MBA at Bainbridge Graduate Institute and am thrilled to report that I have only SIX MONTHS LEFT! I graduate in June!

Back in 2010 I started exploring graduate school options to build on my BS in Environmental Science. I was torn between this MBA in Sustainable Systems at BGI and OSU’s Masters in Marine Resource Management. I had looked deeply into both schools and finally decided to go with the MBA after a very impactful phone call with the MRM program Dean. His recommendation could not have been better.

I went to BGI to expand my knowledge and language of business, and am getting far more than that. I have joined a country-wide community of people passionate about changing the world, and using business as the tool to get there. Learning from a lens of sustainability and systems thinking has adjusted my perspective, and I am already able to have more impactful conversations and influence projects differently. In addition to the business acumen, BGI has a fundamental focus on leadership and personal development. I have a clearer vision for my career and personal contribution, as well as the words to articulate it clearly. These have all been powerful lessons that will serve me for years to come.

As amazing as this learning is, it is also a huge drain on time. I have evening classes and 1 weekend per month away. I am on break for two more weeks, and trying to soak up every moment of school-free freedom. June is not far off!

PS – if you are interested in BGI, they are waiving the application fee for the month of December! Save that $75 and get started on your path at BGI!


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