My 12 Days of Christmas: Eight

part of My 12 Days of Christmas series

An evening pattern that Matt and I have fallen into is watching the Food Network during the 8 o’clock hour each night. I am typically in class from 6-7:30, and during this time Matt is typically making dinner and trying to catch up on never ending dishes. When I wrap up class, we finish making dinner together and then crash in front of the TV for an hour of mind melting while we eat. Sure we know that it would be more productive to play a game (Carcassonne and cribbage are our two favorite 2-player games), work out, or work on the house, or even eat at the table, but we need this down time. Plus, our living room is the warmest part of the house and we don’t want to spend more to heat the dining room just to eat. So that is our routine. During summer months the TV is rarely on, but during the dark winter months it sneaks in more.

Luckily our 8 o’clock hour of TV is simply that: an hour. At 9 o’clock we head to bed. Image


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