My 12 Days of Christmas: Nine

In a few years and nine months we will have our first baby – but please note the few years preceding those 9 months. Babies seem to be everywhere! It seems like everyone is having them. Babies and puppies. The fun part of this? We are so excited to enter that stage of life…just not.quite.yet.

On our second date Matt told me that his #1 goal in life was to be “the best husband and father ever.” Boom. I was a goner. We talked about our dreams of a family: two kids, a stay at home parent, and tons of adventure. That vision is taking shape, and the kids part of that equation is coming. Friends are having babies, and they sure are cute. At the Nutcracker last week we were both all sappy over the cute kindergarten dancing mice. Matt and I both are totally struck by the baby bug…and at the same time have some life to live first.

I was reflecting on this during my last weekend of school. As a serial list-box-checker I always have the “next thing” lined up on my plate. After school is done, babies seem to be a pretty natural “next”, but I am focusing on giving us some time to DO stuff. Consciously making this decision and reflecting on it has been so refreshing. What is on that list? Well, far more than this, but sticking with the theme, here are nine.

  1. Hike and camp around Mt. Rainer
  2. Go on a few ski trips
  3. Camp at Rialto Beach
  4. An East Coast trip
  5. National Parks road trip
  6. New flooring in the basement
  7. Raise at work
  8. Travel abroad again
  9. Establish our homestead

So what about a puppy? That seems to be the typical first step (a starter kid if you will) and I would love to have a dog. However, with both of us working I just don’t feel right leaving a pup at home alone all day. I guess ours will be a post-kid addition. I really miss my parent’s old dog, Pepper, who passed away last year. He was an awesome dog, and there were some puppies on the island last week that reminded me so much of him. Half golden doodle and half black shepherd…I am sure they would have been awesome family dogs. Maybe someday…at least a few years and nine months 🙂


2 thoughts on “My 12 Days of Christmas: Nine

  1. ha ha – when I was scanning the preview of this post I got all excited for you. I only saw the 9 months part. 🙂 Still excited for you, but looks like there’s time for that. Good for you trying to do a few things together first. I’m a list-maker too. I have a list for just about anything, and I revise them as needed. I think it’s important to see things written down – helps me focus. 🙂

    • Oh yes, serial list makers unite! I don’t know where I would be without those lists. And that East Coast trip…NY is on it and if we are in your area we want to come visit!

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