My 12 Days of Christmas: Ten

Part of my 12 days of Christmas series…


Ten is a good number. The first of the double digits. It makes math easy (good for me since I still suffer from mental math challenges…cribbage is good practice!). I also happen to think that it is just about the ideal length of a vacation. Travel has been a big part of my life, and now with Matt along for the ride, it is a big focus of ours. This past year we went on a handful of vacations: Todos Santos, Mexico in May, Grand Cayman in September, and random little trips here and there. None of these trips quite hit the sweet spot of 10 days, but they were all still great. So what is on the books for next year? At this point nothing but ideas. We are trying to combine all our vacation days into one big chunk in Fall to go to SE Asia for 3 weeks or so. Any suggestions? Neither of us have been there so we want to get the full experience. A big long vacation to celebrate graduation (more about that coming up!) and taking advantage of time before we start thinking about kids.

If this plan does not work out, I am sure we will still have a ball. 10 days back in Todos Santos sounds pretty inviting!


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