My 12 Days of Christmas: Eleven


It was about the time that I was 11 that my favorite number became 22. It was on the back of my Red Lion’s soccor team jersey, and from then on, it was my sport number of choice. It may have had to do with the fact that 11 is 22/2, I am not sure.

Anyway, since today is my 11th day of Christmas, I am taking this as a starting point to reflect on my favorite number, which also turned out to be Matt’s favorite number as well. On our 3rd date we went to see a movie downtown seattle. Parking in large garages always leads to the potential of losing your car by forgetting which floor you parked on, so we made a mental note heading to the elevator. I said, “Oh, we are on the 2nd floor…that will be easy to remember since my lucky number is 22.”

Matt froze. And grinned. “That is MY favorite number too!”

It was meant to be. We wanted to get married on the 22nd of a month to commemorate this special day even more, but the dates were not working out for August. Instead we selected August 10th, since we had our first date on July 10. Pretty cool right?

Little did we realize that this date was not only cool by a nod from our meet date, but since 2012 was a leap year, it turned out that August 10 was, wait for it, the 222nd day of the year!

How cool is that?! 22, doubled 11, it’s a stretch, but a good story for this 11th day of Christmas. Come back tomorrow for a story about 10!


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