Cold Snap

This week the temperature dropped. We have had many chilly mornings out waiting for the bus, cold enough that coats/jackets piled on 4 thick were not keeping me warm. I figured this is the first of MANY winters with this bus commute, so I ordered an awesome new down winter coat. I got two colors and will keep the one I like better:

So excited for it to come!

Last night we had a winter night date, going out for burgers and then to the local production of the Nutcracker. We were really impressed with how good it was! Great dancers…kindergarten through high school and some nearby dance colleges. So much fun to be part of a community tradition.

Today we spent the morning cleaning the house top to bottom and keeping warm while the freezing cold kept us inside. It was in the teens when we woke up. The few minutes were were out in the yard our hands nearly froze! Brrr! We also met up with some friends in town for lunch and spiked hot chocolate. Tonight is the tree lighting ceremony and Santa’s arrival parade in downtown Vashon. We are tempted to go, but decided to stay home and watch a movie instead. We feel a little guilty, but it is SO cold and I am just not feeling like being out tonight. We will make up for it in years to come!

So instead, we are kicking back, doing some homework, and eating homemade turkey soup by the fire. Rumor has it that there is ice skating on Fisher Pond tomorrow morning…at least that is what we heard when we picked up a dozen eggs from the old man down the street. He is providing skates. Sounds like something we should not miss out on.


3 thoughts on “Cold Snap

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