At the beginning of this school year, we held a welcoming ceremony for the incoming class at BGI. As part of that ceremony, we each stated an intention for the year. This was mine:

 Achieving excellence while maintaining balance.

Not an easy task, but keeping this intention front of mind has been enormously helpful as I once again embrace into the full routine of school + work + life. The days are short. It is dark when we head off to work in the morning, and dark again when we arrive home. I always forget how dark the winter days are here. I guess it is a tradeoff for the seemingly endless summer evenings we enjoy in the summer.

I am trying to focus on the time we DO have, weekends full of garden time, evenings with good dinners in front of the fire (or Matt in front of the fire while I eat during online classes). There just never seems to be enough time, so I am making sure I appreciate what time we do have for the fun and simple things.

Some recent small moments

  • The 5 minutes before bed where I wrestled with Alki on the rug
  • Eating amazing tuna mac and cheese with Matt for dinner
  • Sitting in the hot tub Sunday afternoon
  • Ordering Christmas gifts online
  • Finding a new pair of flats for work
  • Taking the “scenic drive” to town
  • Planning a cinnamon roll date with Matt and Lana for a workday morning
  • Planning a Christmasy surprise date night for Matt
  • Appreciating the rain that will help our garden cover crop to sprout
  • Breaking in our awesome triangle scuffle hoe
  • A clean floor thanks to a new vacuum that I love any excuse to use
  • Cats learning to use the potty! No more scooping boxes! (save time + $$$!)
  • Success in my business trip
  • Checking things off my to-do list
  • Prioritizing school focuses on what I want to learn

Yep, there are a lot of good moments, even if the days are short.


2 thoughts on “Intention

    • Hang in there! Tough weeks are tough. I just watched a really great online TED talk last night that had a great quote for some perspective.

      She said “hard is not relative. Hard is just hard.” And everyone has some hard in their life. I hope you get through yours well this week!

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