Playing in the Dirt

Nothing beats a weekend that feels FULL and rewarding and not rushed! That never seems to happen! After being gone most of the week, I was ready to be home this weekend. Friday night was pretty late for this sleep deprived traveler, but fun none the less. We went to Matt’s parents house for a combined birthday dinner. We had planned to spend the night, but decided that we really just needed to be home and I was pretty excited to sleep in my own bed after a week in hotels.

Saturday morning we slept in till 10:30. As in SLEPT that long! It felt so good to really feel refreshed waking up after a long night at home. We took a quick trip into town for groceries and then came home to cook and clean before our friend’s Benny and Lana arrived for dinner. We had a great meal full of lots of laughter and catching up over rum cake.

Sunday morning we woke up and this time headed to town for birthday treats for Matt. We stopped by Snapdragon for pastries, and then over to the hardware store for the big yellow wheelbarrow his parents got him as a gift. Thank goodness the mini is good at hauling stuff! We had no problem getting our newest homestead addition home on the roof bars.

After breakfast and coffee we trekked out into the yard to finish tearing out the old garden and prep it for winter. We removed at least 10 loads of gravel, a TON of brick boarders, more old plants and FINALLY got it leveled and planted with a winter cover crop. The existing garden layout was so inefficient we just decided to start over. It was a long day of dirty work, but it looks fabulous!


I settled in for some homework time while Matt finished in the yard, then we took another break to ease sore muscles in our newly fixed and (thanks to Matt!) immaculately cleaned hot tub!

Ah, what a weekend. Today is Matt’s birthday, and he was hoping to have it off for Veteran’s day but no such luck. I drove him to work this morning (the water taxi does not run on holidays) and so extra time together is at least a small condolence for having to work. It is hard to believe it is almost winter! I feel ready to curl up in the house and snuggle with my little family in front of the fire.

Cat Toilet Training Update: As I mentioned a few weeks back, we are toilet training our cats! This weekend we started the cats on their training potty in the upstairs bathroom and so far so good. We think they were holding it most of Saturday or going outside, but by this morning seem to be pretty comfortable with the new (first step) situation. We will be at this stage for another week or so, but so far no accidents and we still have two happy cats!


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