Business (school) Trip

Business travel takes on a whole new meaning when you travel for business school while still working on the road. Things like internet access become really important…and when your hotel internet craps out…well, you become a tad frustrated. All in all things are going well so far. I arrived in Houston late Monday night (leaving my sweet new airplane pillow at home…bad move) and drove across town to my hotel. After a few hours of sleep, I was up to tackle my first day of my graduate project in person.

It has made such a big difference being in person at the company, meeting people face to face, and finally getting more context around what I am working on. I have my own office for these three days…a sweet private office with a huge wall of windows and a big cherry wood desk! I feel very important 🙂 with nearly 15 meetings over the next few days, it is going to be busy!

all dressed up for grad school at the office:

Houston is humid. And flat. Man I would not want to move here. So happy that my parents avoided coming here!

Last night I had my first night of class on the road, and yep, the internet would not connect. Fail. So instead I munched on snacks from the grocery store, worked out, worked internet free, and made it to bed at a reasonable time. Fingers crossed I can connect tonight!

I seriously think that the best part of travel is how good your own bed feels when you get home!


One thought on “Business (school) Trip

  1. You are so right about your own bed! The first night home is always the absolute best. We try to come home on Saturday nights instead of Sunday’s so we can sleep in the next morning in our oh-so-cozy bed. I’ve been to Houston too, thought the same thoughts you did. 🙂 That’s so great you have your own office!! Love your dress – so adorable.

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