Twenty Seven

I have this thing about dates. I call our dinners “in” dates, trips to the grocery store are dates, any little adventure really. I love to go on dates because just calling them something special makes everyday happenings that much more meaningful. So what did we do for my birthday? Go on dates!

We started the day much like every other workday. Alarm went off at 5 am, showered, and headed for the bus and water taxi. The difference: we stopped for cinnamon rolls and coffee before we made it to work. A 20 minute pause to sit and enjoy the morning was such a treat! So were the cinnamon rolls! These were probably the best I ever had, and were still warm from the oven.

Matt had 3 hours of time off to burn through this week, so we met up early for a pho lunch downtown, (date #2) then had ANOTHER date poking around Pike’s Place Market! We picked up halibut cheeks and bay scallops for birthday dinner cioppino, then wandered through an antique store on the way to the water taxi. I found a really cool cabinet that I need to measure for a bedside table…

The water taxi was totally full on the way home (an hour later we finally figured out why EVERYONE was anxious to get back to the island on Halloween!) and we arrived back on our doorstep to find a note that our hot tub was fixed! Woohoo! We still needed a few ingredients for dinner so I volunteered to go to town. Wow was that an interesting choice! Turns out that Vashon is TOTALLY shut down on Halloween for trick or treaters! The roads were blocked off, music playing and everyone was in costume. Even the sheriff and his prisoner!

I had to park a half mile from the store but had a ball wandering through the happy chaos of Halloween on our island. As we spend more time here and learn more about the community, we just fall more and more in love with this place. We are already planning our costumes for next year so we don’t miss out!

Matt made amazing cioppino and we ate it on the couch while watching a movie. Low key, relaxing end to a birthday.

There was no cake since we are saving that for a dinner party on Saturday. But there was a gift! Matt really scored on this one. Ever flipped through skymall magazine on a plane and seen this?:

I am going to be so cool!

27 is off to a great start.


One thought on “Twenty Seven

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like it was a fantastic time!! Cinnamon rolls……I LOVE cinnamon rolls. And the cioppino looks delicious. I haven’t made that in so long. I’m going to have to add that to our menu soon! Loved the cop and his “prisoner”, too cute. What a great gift!!

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