A Foggy Autumn on the Homestead

This past week we had fog. And by fog I really mean FOG. Fog so thick that some days the island never came out of it. Seattle was encased nearly all day long. On the water taxi, we would leave the somewhat clear sky behind and charge full speed into a bank so thick that we could not see the dock until we pulled up alongside. FOG.

My Monday the fog passed (and the foghorns all night long) and we are in the full glory of what PNW autumns can bring. Clear blue skies, streets full of colorful leaves, and cool crisp temperatures threatening frost. We trek to the city bundled up in scarves and vests (and new boots!) and are relishing our cozy warm house in the evenings. Now it is back to chilly and grey, but dry.

This past weekend we fully embraced the fall season with the annual cider pressing party at my parent’s house. We pressed gallons and gallons of cider (forgot to count a total # before people starting taking them) but we have at least 6 gallons in our freezer for the year. It was a perfect day: dry, slightly warm, and full of fun people and food.

On Sunday we came home early to tackle our own homestead project while the sun was still out. Project: garden makeover! A previous owner had the amazing foresight to deer fence a large rectangular garden full of rich soil. The not so epic part? Putting a huge X gravel pathway through the whole thing. A pathway is nice, but an X is a horribly inefficient use of space, not to mention it is impractical if you hope to reach to the back of the bed. So goodbye X. We pulled out all the plants (massive, old sage covered ¼ of the usable space!), dug roughly 3 lbs of potatoes and have started removing gravel. We plan to pull out all the brick borders and gravel and plant a compost cover crop this winter so that we are ready to roll this spring. Next year this garden will rock!

This week ihas been busy. Classes, work for my graduate internship, Dad’s surgery, my birthday, preparing to be in Houston next week, more homework, needing to clean the house…all while longing to be out in the garden. The weeks are flying by and we need to get started on some winter projects…primarily building a chicken coop!

I have to give my sweet husband a shout out. He has been such a trooper through all my schoolwork and crazy busy schedule. He has spent a ton of time cleaning the kitchen and delivering an awesome dinners to me while I was stuck in front of the computer in class and school meetings. He even made an apple crisp. As well as we handle school + work + life, we are both looking forward to June when that equation gets a little simpler after graduation.


One thought on “A Foggy Autumn on the Homestead

  1. I heard the fog was never-ending. Hooray for project garden makeover! Nice that you already have deer fencing. I’m shocked we haven’t had deer in our garden yet – they’ve been hanging out at the neighbor’s…..hopefully they will continue to get well-fed there. 🙂 Sounds like you have been busy!!

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