The “Cutest Island Community Couple”

Yes, that is what we were told at the farmers market today. Perusing for winter squash, chard and chestnuts in our rain boots on a foggy market morning, the gal selling chestnuts walked up and gave Matt and I this super sweet compliment. We adore out island. After reading blogs and anecdotes online that people have had cool welcomes to the island, we have to say that we have had the 180 degree opposite experience. Everyone we have met has been friendly and welcoming, willing to chat and share their lives with us newcomers.

It is a cozy fall day with the island totally fogged in. Jenny was here for a quick visit, so we took a foggy trip to the lighthouse. The afternoon is supposed to be sunny and warm, but honestly, the fog is so comforting and relaxing that I won’t mind if it doesn’t burn off. Homework, snuggly kitties, and the promise of a hot, local fall supper tonight…life does not get much better.


4 thoughts on “The “Cutest Island Community Couple”

  1. Somehow WordPress had unsubscribed me from your blog! I thought you had just gone radio silent for a few weeks there!

    I’m glad to hear you guys are enjoying your new life on the island 🙂

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