Our morning started with a dozen eggs catapulting out of the fridge at 5:30. We could have let this set a pretty lame mood for the day, but instead embraced it, and ate some super quick fried eggs and toast for breakfast before waiting for the bus under a sky FULL of stars.

Life is busy right now, and getting busier. I am so thankful I have someone to laugh with through the long days and chaos of balancing life, work, grad school and a graduate internship. Matt is the best rock I could ask for!

As we step into our first fall on the island we are excited to see it unfold. Our heating system is keeping us cozy in the cold, and we love watching a huge variety of mushrooms pop up in our driveway and lawn. We are being welcomed into this chapter with abundance and love and more community than we dreamed of.

Another highlight: I got my hair cut. I wanted some style, a “do” if you will, that kept up with my the professional side of my life. I had never found the “right” stylist in Seattle, but was so happy to stumble across reviews for Shain at the Skyn Spa right on my walk to the water taxi. I booked an appointment, went boldly with bangs, and could not be happier. Stylist found, new “do”, new outlook, new season. Boom! Life is grand!


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