Seared Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Matt did not like Brussels sprouts when we started dating…now, thanks to this recipe, we eat them a few times a week as our favorite side dish. We stock up on a two pound bag every time we go to Costco and really cannot seem to ever grow tired of this treat. Vegetable = treat, yup! These are so good they are almost like dessert. A hint: we experimented with a few different sauté pans before we found the right one to get the golden sear on these that really make them “right”. Non-stick was just not working, so we settled on our stainless steel set (best cookware ever!) and are not going back. Cast iron would be a good option too.

Seared Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts, end cut off and sliced in half lengthwise

Fat: Bacon or butter+oil



Balsamic vinegar

Optional: bacon pieces

Add fat to the skillet (we like cooking the bacon first, reserving the meat and using the fat left in the pan to cook the veggies) and heat until almost popping. Add Brussels sprouts cut side down. Allow to cook until golden brown, then turn. Brown on reverse side and add in generous amounts of balsamic (usually around ¼ cup for two people), salt, pepper, and toss sprouts to coat evenly. Leave on heat for 1-2 minutes until balsamic starts to thicken. Serve immediately.


4 thoughts on “Seared Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

  1. We’re brussels sprouts converts too! You can’t go wrong with brussels and bacon, but adding a cubed sweet potato is delish too. I like to cut it up and throw it in a saute pan with butter and olive oil on high high until the pieces are browned and crisp on the outside. We’ve also added goat cheese crumbles to the mix too.

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