Perfect Balance

When we bought our house on Vashon Island (well, really, it was long before we started looking) I was so excited to move out of the city. I craved a slower pace, quiet, community, safety and darkness. Moving to the island has brought us all those things, and more, and we really could not be happier with our choice.

What I was not expecting was how much this move has brought me into the city. When we lived in West Seattle, downtown Seattle felt like a trek, an adventure, and somewhere I was only willing to go if I had to. Or a special occasion. It really had to be worth it for me to drive, deal with traffic, deal with parking, PAY for parking, and then get overwhelmed by the business of it all. No more.

Now I commute into the city every day. I arrive by water taxi (infinitely more relaxing than a traffic jammed car or crowded bus), and then walk through the early morning streets to my bus stop. Businesses are just waking up. Coffee shops all smell of fresh beans and cinnamon rolls. The streets are still pretty quiet. In the afternoon I ride us bus into the city, and then walk through the busy streets that no longer seem foreign. I recognize the Pioneer Square tour guides, the changing shop displays and the Real Change homeless guy in red shorts. I wave and he waves back every afternoon.

I am really liking my time in the city. Matt and I sometimes choose to stick around and go shopping or out to eat. Happy hour? Sure! When we lived “in the city”, meeting up downtown was just a hassle. Now it is easy, because we are already there.

After happy hour, or just the daily walk down to the water taxi dock, we meet up and return to the best part of our life…being home on our little rural island. Our little retreat just 20 minutes from the city, it is the perfect balance.

coming home to this is a great way to end the day


2 thoughts on “Perfect Balance

  1. I just love Seattle but you’re so right – quite the hassle. Especially after a full day of work. How wonderful to already be in the heart of it so you can stay or go as you please. I will say, compared to the other major cities I’ve been to, Seattle is much more user friendly including navigation. Great post and I love the pic!

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