Grand Times in Grand Cayman

Mondays after vacation are rough. Especially after an all night flight arriving at midnight. But we made it back from Grand Cayman in one piece after a beautiful week in warm weather (note, warm, not particularly sunny…) clear blue water, and relaxation.

We spent the past 9 days exploring Grand Cayman, and saw pretty much all of it. It was an island like none other I have seen in the Caribbean. First, it had MONEY. Like, lots and lots. Mansions everywhere. HUGE fancy mansions. Expensive (beyond island expensive) grocery stores and restaurants. It felt very different from many islands in this region, especially ones that have dramatic hurricane histories. It also differed in the local people. They were far and away the most genuinely friendly people I have ever come across in the Caribbean.

The water was beautiful and warm, the snorkeling good, and a great island to explore. Good vacation getaway all around. Here are some highlights:

Smiles on the beach 



 Good food

Kenips!!! (a favorite from St. Croix days)


Critters in the botanical gardens 

Beach relaxing 



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