Do’s and Don’ts from Labor Day

Do leave Seattle early on Labor Day weekend to miss traffic.

Do wear earplugs in the car if the windows are down.

Do stop for fresh sweet corn (5/$1!) in Skagit County.

Do, always, take the opportunity to eat crab on the beach.

Do buy the ladder when it is on sale. You will use it. A lot.

Do invest in a good quality cooler.

Do check labor day sales. Yes, it is worth it to re-order things like deck paint even if it is a hassle.

Do dance at weddings. Even if you are the only one.

Do check the weather (hourly) when you are painting the deck.

Don’t ever believe the weather report. If it says sun but you paint your deck, rain is imminent.

Do tell your spouse “thank you” for all their hard work.

Do take some down time.

Don’t push your knee too much.

Don’t take antibiotics on an empty stomach.

Do try new recipes, especially if they are spontaneous inventions. (recipe coming!)

Do make time for drop-in visitors.

Do take before, during and after photos.

Don’t paint in the dark.

Don’t take long weekends for granted. They are precious, wonderful things.


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