Needing a Break

I have good news! Last night we hit a milestone on the deck. After last week’s goal of getting the deck clean, now all the nails are re-set, old boards ripped out, and new boards cut and screwed in! My dad would be proud of his little girl tackling the deck with power tools. I am so glad I watched (and helped) on projects for all those years! It helps when I am faced with the task of doing it myself. It already feels so much better than when we started. The railings are secure (FYI…climbing plants loosen railings!), the risk of falling through rotten spots is gone, and no nails snag your feet as you walk across the surface. SO. MUCH. BETTER!

Bad news: it is raining again. After months of sunshine we are back to rain. Unfortunately, it is raining at the same time that we should be painting our deck. So we wait. We are exhausted anyway and need the break. Vacation cannot come fast enough.

Last night, waiting meant that we got a little bit of down time that we so desperately needed. I made blue buttermilk skillet cornbread with buttermilk from our last batch of fresh butter. The blue cornmeal was a fun change…somewhat sweeter and nuttier than yellow…and pretty funny looking. It matched the blue plates! This recipe was a cornmeal only version (no flour and gluten free) and turned out really well! We enjoyed it with fresh, homemade butter and steak salads for dinner.


Buttermilk Blue Skillet Cornbread

2 cups blue cornmeal

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

3 eggs

1 ½ cups buttermilk

1 cob fresh, raw sweet corn, shaved off cob

2 Tbs Steen’s cane syrup (or honey)

3 Tbs melted butter or lard


butter or lard for pan

Like all cornbread, this is best made in a cast iron skillet pre-heated with the oven. This give you an insanely golden and perfect crust. Preheat butter/lard in skillet in oven to 350 degrees. Mix together cornbread ingredients. Pour into skillet when hot.

Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden and knife comes out clean.


2 thoughts on “Needing a Break

  1. That cornbread looks amazing!! Your “lessons” post was entertaining – reminds me of when I moved to Hawaii. 🙂 I love the farmhouse table – beautiful. Thanks so much for the kind comments you left on my blog – I truly appreciate it!!

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