Lessons of Island Newbies

Islands truly operate on their own time. As newbies to Vashon we are learning this first hand. Since we are borrowing the truck this week, it is the perfect opportunity to haul away our accumulated garbage/demo debris to the dump, so last night we loaded it up and headed to town. Halfway there we realized that the dump is only open M/W/F/Sat…oh, and it closes before we make it home from work. Awesome. Next best use of our time? Go buy replacement boards for our deck. At least the lumber yard was open. We sheepishly loaded our new boards on top of a massive heap of dump-bound waste, and the guy helping us just laughed. It is all part of island life!

Lesson #2: there are no hot tub servicing companies on the island. Guess what? None OFF the island will come out either. Not so awesome when your hot tub mysteriously stops working. We did eventually track down a company that will come out and are waiting for an appointment. Maybe we can figure it out before they come…

I still cannot find the packing tape, and of course it has started to rain just as we need to paint the decks. And we have another wedding this weekend AND are headed out of town next Thursday for vacation. So much to do and so little time! Oh the joys of homeownership!


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