Farmhouse Table

Meals are the centerpiece of our family. We love to cook for ourselves, and family and friends, and needed a table that said “come gather and eat, make memories, and be part of our family”. We searched for the perfect farmhouse table…something with rustic charm and character with some detail. So many tables were too plain, and had square legs that I did not like. They were also expensive…and so often new. Finally finally we found a table we liked…on Craigslist! Unfortunately it was located in Bellingham so we sent my mom to check it out and use her judgment to see if it was “right”. It needed help, but she decided to give it a shot and brought it home for $300.

The table legs were stained with a purple stain, and the old top dull and scratched. Some of the planks had shrunk and so the table had different length boards on it! Sadly there are very few “before” photos, only these that my uncle snapped when they picked up the table.


After weeks of refinishing mom unveiled the final product to us on Saturday. We were blown away with it! Stained purple legs were now a deep brown, and the solid oak planked top was buttery smooth. It was perfect! Even without the leaves, we could easily seat 10 people around this table…maybe up to 16 with it at its full 9 foot span! It is the perfect farmhouse table to build memories around for the rest of our lives.


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