Home Owner Reality Check: What to do with a Rotting Deck

We were so excited to move into our new home, get everything polished up and kick back in the hot tub. Well that is a little ways out. Every evening we have jumped straight into home-project mode as soon as we walk in the door. We were working on the inside (mainly dining room at this point) but all that went on hold when we finally decided on a course of action for our deck. The deck is an old cedar unfinished deck that someone had the genius idea to power wash at some point. Splinter city. Some of the boards are rotten, and others really close to being gone. We were well aware of it’s condition when we bought the house, and played with the idea of replacing the whole surface with Trex or some other cool composite decking, but decided that waiting for that long term fix for now. Instead, we learned about a product at Home Depot called Deck Over. It is basically a thick sealing paint that is good for decks on their last legs with owners wanting to extend their life a bit longer. We read a ton of reviews and decided to try it. I ordered the “chocolate” color, as it went the best with our anticipated house color (project next summer!). A $300 fix vs. $10,000+? Yep, that was a good choice!

So here we are prepping the deck for painting. It is messy, and hard and really not fun. Three HUGE climbing bushes have been torn down. Scrubbing has made our arms and necks ache. We walk inside covered in acidy black spots every night. Homeownership at its finest right?! I keep telling Matt that we need to have a “homeowner reality party” and invite all our friends to want to buy houses to come help for a day. Who anticipates being up on a ladder under a deck scrubbing years of mildew and grime with acid wash running down your arms? Yep, reality of homeownership. Joy.

Really, it is not too bad. Matt and I are both out there working in the gorgeous evening sun, and the deck is really looking better. The rotten boards are torn out, and roughly 50% of the underside and 90% of the top is clean. We are installing new cedar boards on Sunday and then paint comes next week! We are determined to have this thing done before our vacation to Grand Cayman.


3 thoughts on “Home Owner Reality Check: What to do with a Rotting Deck

  1. Lauren, try to post some before and after photos – I’ve been curious about that product. We used the same brand/color on our deck – just the regular Behring deck paint though. Good luck! Danice

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    • I will do a full post with pics for sure! We are optimistic about this solution and will be glad to mass along our experience 🙂

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      On Aug 21, 2013, at 8:04 PM, “Moose & Turtle on Vashon”

  2. Yay rotting decks! At least ours was on the ground so if it gave way you’d only fall like a foot. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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