Cruzan Roots

With my pasty white PNW skin and blond hair long replaced by brown it is hard to tell that I ever was a Caribbean gal. I spent five years of my childhood living on a small USVI island called St. Croix and experiences from those years can take credit for some of my most fundamental beliefs, values, interests and cultural identities.

This weekend I got to relive some of my Cruzan roots since my aunt-in-law hosted her somewhat-annual Caribbean party! Complete with a steel drum player (really impressive actually), limbo, great food, and SUNSHINE (!) it was a great. Yes, most people showed up in Hawaiian shirts, and most of the food was totally not Caribbean, but it was a blast.  I made a Cruzan rum cake that was a total hit and gone before the party was even halfway over. Matt’s dad made a limbo stick and guess who won? Me! Guess growing up watching the limbo helped. 🙂 Now I am the proud owner of a steel drum party CD! Breaking that out (along with the limbo stick!) at our housewarming party in September! It will also be good to blast as we pack for Grand Cayman in two weeks!

After lots of laughter and too much rum punch Matt and I spent the night at Grandpo’s house so that we could make him breakfast and then run errands. Breakfast was Matt’s new signature dish: buckwheat buttermilk pancakes. Grandpo declared they were the best buckwheat pancakes he had ever eaten and ate as many at Matt!

We had a few places on our errand list, which of course turned into an ENTIRE afternoon of shopping. Our second freezer is up and running so we are now able to stock up on Costco meat and other long term goodies! We made it home around 4:00 and spent the afternoon cooking and getting ready for the week. Project: deck makeover!


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