Business in Wisconsin

Last week I flew out to Madison, WI for two days of work meetings. I have to say, as far as business trips go, this one was truly worth it. So often the hours of flying, boring hotel rooms and ok food are not really worth the few hours of actual work time. This time it was totally different.

Flights are often delayed, but for this trip my delay came with in-flight entertainment in Minneapolis – a string of thunderstorms were the reason we were grounded! For a  gal from Seattle, thunderstorms are a rare treat, and I was glued to the window watching hail, lightning and torrential rain. If I have to be stuck on a plane, at least this felt like a legitimate reason!

My hotel was fine and located 2 blocks from our Madison office. I had two great days of 8+ hour meetings topped off with fun people (5 awesome women from my company) and great food. After a final meeting we went to feast at a farm-to-table restaurant near the capital building, Graze. It was AWESOME. Seriously one of the best meals of my life. We started out with a cheese platter and in-house cured meats and an array of pickles. The kegged red wine was a perfect pairing. For dinner I ordered emu meatballs in a decadent red sauce and a roasted beet salad with blackberries, citrus vinaigrette and crumbled cheddar. I am inspired to make it for Matt who claims he does not like beets. I was stuffed to the gills, but someone ordered dessert and broke all of our collective resolve. A Madison colleague and I split the apricot raspberry crisp with homemade vanilla ice cream. Excellent finish to an epic meal. I am ready to fly back to WI just to eat there again!

Friday was a long day of travel back to Seattle, but all my connections worked perfectly and I made it home midafternoon (which is quite a feat when travel involved shuttle->airplane->airplane->bus->bus->ferry->bus). Actually, that final bus leg did not even happen. Turns out the bus I usually take home after work does not run during the day (oops!) and so I hitched a ride home from the ferry. After waking up at 3:15 Seattle time, I was pretty pooped, but immediately dropped my stuff, changed into work clothes and attacked the dining room with another coat of primer to occupy myself until Matt came home around  6. It felt so good to be home!


3 thoughts on “Business in Wisconsin

  1. My mouth is watering even tho we just finished a shared peanut butter and honey sandwich salvaged from motel breakfast pinched ingredients. Albuquerque tonight! Last night on the road. Written on macDonalds wifi with smoothie.Love g and g

  2. Lauren – thanks for visiting my blog. Regarding the chicken coop – no, we don’t have any plans. I found a shed at Lowe’s {already built} and said to my husband “can you build me something like that?” and he did. 🙂 I would suggest looking at shed books at the bookstore and you may find something close. I am originally from Marysville, wash. so I’m enjoying reading your PNW posts!

    • Thanks Staci! I hope you enjoy them as much as I am enjoying reading about your farm! I spent quite a bit of time reading all the chicken bios yesterday. We are looking forward to starting our flock! Stay tuned for a coop inspired by yours 🙂

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