Remodel Reality

“Well, what should we do?”

 [frustrated silence]

“I have no idea.”

[frustrated silence continues]

“Should I just go to the hardware store and buy some metal tape and see if that works?”

[frustrated silence continues]

“I guess so.”

* * * * *

Ten minutes later I was in the parking lot of Vashon’s awesome True Value looking at a “closed” sign (braless and dressed in my finest remodel grubby clothes I might add). After 2+ hours of troubleshooting the connection on our dryer duct, we were out of ideas except for using metal tape to get it back the way we found it. Our grand vision of adjusting it with new duct pieces had only resulted in a loss of $12 on supplies that were now shredded on the floor of our newly tiled space, and still no connected vent. We were desperate to get the washer and dryer hooked up TONIGHT, and it looked like our final option had just closed.

But, in true small town fashion, a guy walked over, unlocked the door, and asked “What do you need?” The sweet kid who straightened out our closet door slider a few weeks back walked me right over to the metal tape, and I was on the road home less than 2 minutes later. Have I mentioned how much I love this community? I zipped home with my shiny tape praying that this solution would not just be another waste of money. I was hungry and frustrated and knew Matt was too.

Amazingly, it worked perfectly, and we had our dryer hooked up! We tried it out…no leaks, and everything worked! We moved the washer in place, figured out how to connect the hoses and started a load. The washer made a bunch of electronic sounds and flashed its lights at us. And nothing happened. We tried again. We called the previous owner for advice (she is great). All we could get were flashing lights and a mechanical sound. Then it hit me…we had to turn the water back on! The hoses filled and we were back in business! Our first load of laundry since the move! We had done it! Remodeled a room and our marriage was still intact! I think we can handle this homeownership thing.


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