Saturday at the Market

*apologies for so few photos with these posts…I have been savings posts as drafts, hoping that I will download a few off my camera, but time has not presented itself 🙂 I will get around to images one of these days, but for now, just stories.

 * * * * *

Houseguests are a great excuse to step back from project to-dos and play tourist, so that is exactly what we did on Saturday when my grandparents visited. Saturday morning was foggy and cool, prefect for sleeping in, and we enjoyed a slow morning before a full day of Vashon adventures. Our first stop: the farmer’s market. Now Matt and I loved the West Seattle market, but rarely made it down to fight the crowded stands. Our timing was just always off, and it was not really a very relaxing experience. The Vashon market was a totally different world. The first thing Matt noticed were all the kids running around and playing between the booths, and commented “ I can’t wait to bring our kids here to hang out and play!” We bought a rock from a kid selling rocks for 25 cents, and then found breakfast at a bakery booth. Every bakery, farm stand and artisan at the market was from the island. It was as fresh and local and beautiful as you can get.

We made friends with vendors all around the market, and as word got out that we were new to town, everyone started welcoming us to the island. We got invitations to come see farms, check out workshops and attend art classes. A baker handed us a fresh loaf of bread as a welcome gift. Matt and I were grinning ear to ear.

With full tummies and bags of fresh dinner supplies, we headed out to show Grammy and Gaga the island. We explored the beach on Burton, and took tons of photos at the lighthouse at Point Robinson. Even just driving around the island was a beautiful way to spend time. After the tour, we walked next door to the Palouse Winery for wine tasting with our neighbors. It was great to finally try their wine, and get to know them better. George and Linda are going to be awesome neighbors!

Before dinner, Grammy and Gaga got some down time to hang out on the patio while Matt and I tackled some house projects. He took down the incorrectly installed crown molding in the dining room while I sanded and primed the laundry room. We are getting closer to having that room done!

Dinner was all fresh farmer’s market fare: grilled halibut, fresh corn on the cob and chard paired with a white from the Palouse Winery. Dessert was fresh strawberries with ice cream and cream. Yum! We stayed up sharing stories until after 11. Who pays attention to the clock when you are on island time?


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