Oregon Wedding Road Trip

*apologies for so few photos with these posts…I have been savings posts as drafts, hoping that I will download a few off my camera, but time has not presented itself  🙂 I will get around to images one of these days, but for now, just stories.

* * * * *

This past weekend, one of my best friends got married. Bo was the very first person I met at WSU, and we stayed good friends throughout all 4 years in Pullman. Life after college has taken us to different cities, but we still have tried to stay in touch, and reconnect with our group, the “Honor’s Posse” whenever possible. Bo is currently in medical school and his rotation last summer conflicted with my wedding, so I was extra excited to make it to his. His beautiful and sweet fiancé Ashlea and I had only met once, but I really liked her a lot, and was so excited to celebrate their marriage in Oregon – summer road trip!

Road trips to weddings hold a special place in our hearts because the first “trip” that Matt and I took was to a wedding in Idaho for our friends Joe and Ellie. Hours in the car, spotting cool places along the way, and staying in cute B&Bs are all part of the package. To make sure this wedding road trip lived up to our expectations, I booked a B&B the day that I got Bo and Ashlea’s save-the-date card. I found a cute place called the Feller House – a two room cozy 1860’s house in the heart of farm country only about 10 minutes from the wedding. Perfect!

Since we were road tripping to Oregon, we decided to pack even more friends in and spend Friday night with Benny and Lana at his parent’s house in The Dalles. Lana ended up riding down with us, and we had a great Mexican food adventure in Yakima with real roadside tacos and a visit to the local grocery store for ice cream. We got to The Dalles really late, and had to leave pretty early, but it was a great visit and we cannot wait to go back. Benny’s parents are awesome and we were so thankful for their hospitality to let us crash…and do a load of laundry!

We set out around noon the next morning on our beautiful drive to Canby, OR. It was Matt’s first time through Hood River and the gorge, and it is (no pun intended) gorgeous! There were many waterfalls and viewpoints we wanted to see, but after our experience of nearly missing Joe and Ellie’s wedding after a long drive, we kept on driving to give us time to change at the B&B. We made it to the wedding with time to spare. The venue was gorgeous. A big barn nestled in farm fields with ceremony chairs set up under huge old oak trees. Ashlea looked stunning in her gown, and both she and Bo were glowing. I am so happy for them.

We danced and ate and caught up with the Honor’s Posse, but were pretty exhausted by the time it all ended at 10. I was glad our B&B was so close and we did not have to drive back to Portland for the night! Matt and I crashed hard, and slept right up until breakfast the next morning. Breakfast was awesome. Homemade quiche with peach/blackberry galettes. Yum! We talked with the owners and learned about their communal garden (10 families tend the beautiful and productive garden and share big outdoor meals every Tuesday!) and the history of the house. These stories are one of my favorite parts of staying in B&Bs.

We took one more wander through the garden (inspiration for us…) and then started out towards home. A quick stop into a barn full of reclaimed housing pieces gave us more inspiration, and we took our time driving the long way through the beautiful countryside back to Portland. We also stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond to take advantage of tax-free shopping (hooray exciting bathroom stuff) and then were on the long slog back home. Traffic between Seattle and Portland is AWFUL. It was stop and go (emphasis on the stop) literally the entire drive from the border to Tacoma where we peeled off I-5 to visit Grandpo. Matt did extremely well with his stick-shift driving confidence in heavy traffic! We had a great dinner and visit in Tacoma, then took the ferry ride back to Vashon and were home.

Home. On the island. It still is sinking in how cool it is to have OUR house.


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