Catchy name, huh?! Our summer 2013 plans for chickens were put on hold when we found the house. Looking back, I am SO glad we waiting until AFTER settling in on the island to start our flock of birds, especially now that we know more about the egg-o-nomics of the island. In the city, we had planned to get 6 birds: enough to give us eggs and have some to sell. My research showed that fresh eggs were selling for $4-$5 a dozen. Not too shabby.

Then we moved to Vashon Island. This rural and beautiful small town island is abundant in farm stands, but boasts a surprising egg shortage. Eggs selling at $7.50 a dozen (!!!!) are sold out as soon as they are put out by the road. Amazing! This analysis from the Vashon Island Growers Association was pretty convincing in telling us that it would be worth it to add a few more birds to our flock. So here is to planning for next year’s egg enterprise. And if you are visiting, be sure to swing by our to-be farmstand on your way to town. Rainbow colored Frugéggs are primiering next summer!


2 thoughts on “Frugéggs

    • We plan to keep a flock of hens only (although on the island you can have a rooster since it is not in the city) and probably butcher any roosters that we get with our chicks in the spring. Chicken soup!

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