Bliss in Chaos

Our house feels like chaos. Boxes everywhere, seemingly piled a mile high. Our kitchen is half unpacked and but already feels totally full. No washing machine yet because I have not found time to work on tile. Dinners have been thrown together (and therefore we have been eating a lot more pasta than usual) and I am ready for some real cooking again.

Throughout it all though, our house has already proven itself as the ultimate retreat. Every night we take a few moments to soak in the quiet, the stillness and beauty of our house, on our island. We could not have picked a more perfect fit.

Adjusting to the new commute has been easier than I anticipated. My old alarm went off at 6:10…now, 5 AM and that feels REALLY early. Matt and I are out the door around 5:55 and the bus picks us up in front of our house for a quick ride to the water taxi. Less than a half hour later, we are in Seattle. The boat ride in the morning, and on the way home, are so relaxing and fun. We talk, or not, and enjoy leaving the cares of the city and workday behind us.

When the bus drops us off at home, the cats are content to wander the yard, or just soak in sunshine from the deck or windowsills. The island pace helps us slow down with our to-do list and tackle it with purpose and clear priority. With so many projects, we need some pacing! Last night Matt mowed half the lawn while I continued to unpack the kitchen and clean off the guest room bed for my grandparents. We stopped just after sunset to eat dinner while listening to our favorite Pandora station…we have internet finally! However, no computer is hooked up yet, so the backlog of photos is still on my camera. I’ll add “posting photos” to my to-do list and see when I get to it.


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