Moving & House Project #1: Laundry Room Makeover!

We have been working, cleaning, moving, packing, unpacking, and rearranging EVERYTHING in our life, and are quite ready for it to settle down. Having clean clothes would be nice to. Why no clean clothes you ask? Well, this ambitious duo (ok, it was mostly me wanting this…Matt could have skipped the whole project) decided to finish the laundry room in our new house as we move in. Really, the timing does make sense, as it is harder to interrupt life later when the rooms are full of stuff, so we started the project before the move. It took 4 pickup truckloads, 3 loads in the mini cooper, and 1 in the moving truck to get all our stuff to the island. Where did it all come from?! It was like the piles never ended. Does everyone feel that way when moving? Thankfully we had a hardworking crew and beautiful weather!

To finish our laundry room, we had to build out new stud walls to cover piping etc, then drywall all the new surface. As drywall mud cured, we started on the tile. Matt and I picked out a beautiful tile that we immediately agreed on, and are excited to see our Mediterranean/Mexican inspired laundry room take shape! My parents and uncle Greg have been beyond helpful in helping us complete the project. My mom and uncle even came down for some extra work time mid-week while we were at work!

Isn’t this tile beautiful?

U.S. Ceramic Tile Terra Cotta 16 in. x 16 in. Ceramic Floor Tile

In general the move is going well. We are adjusting to our new commute (and our new wake-up time at 5 AM!), Matt’s new job, the new house, and of course everything being scattered in boxes around the house. I keep calling my mom to see if she knows where things are! Last night we made a plan to slow down and take the house in bite sized chunks so we don’t burn out to quickly. We organized the kitchen with what was in there, and did not touch any new boxes. I folded some clothes and established some space in the closet. Then we ate dinner on the deck and listened to the SILENCE of the island. No city hum. It was spectacular.

On another good note, the kitties are adjusting well. Moving pets can be a challenge, and we had to improvise with only one cat carrier: poor Lola rode to Vashon in a plastic trash can! They are troopers though, and have enjoyed exploring their new domain. Alki has even kept up her nightly ritual of bringing her yellow fuzzy banana into the kitchen for us!

Things are a mess and we are tired but life is good. We are home!


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