Cramming It In

A lot has happened in the past week, and we are still going at full force. I guess that is what happens when big life changes happen. It is like the convergence zone of a storm…you just take a deep breath and keep moving…and hope the other side comes sooner rather than later.

On Wednesday, we got the keys and walked into OUR house for the first time since plunking down money. Extra cool surprise: our key looks like a ferry going from West Seattle to an island with a house on top! Our house! It could not be more perfect. It felt so good to explore the rooms empty, and discover things we had not noticed about the house. We camped out, and ate pizza on the floor of the living room to celebrate our first night in the house. Sleeping on camping mats was ok, but the real test of patience was pulling ourselves away from the house for a night of camping on the 4th!

We hopped on the Southworth ferry and took a very quick ride to the Kitsap peninsula for a night at Matt’s parents property on Tiger Lake. We had quite the crew camping out, and tons of food, water fights and fireworks to enjoy. Great way to celebrate the 4th!

On Friday night we went back home to our new house and relaxed in the hot tub and picked paint colors. Talk about a test of love…agreeing on colors is probably one of the roughest things Matt and I have to deal with. The misalignments of taste are short lived though, and after about 40 minutes, we had a full scheme for our house. Success! My parents arrived that night bringing our freezer and my great-grandfather’s dental cabinet! Furniture! The house is filling up…

Saturday = Seattle International Beer Festival! Or annual tradition. Sunshine and beer and hanging out with people’s love…it does not get much better than that. Except it does get worse when my body later decided that I drank too much beer in too much sunlight and flung me into a hangover coma for the rest of the evening. I was barely able to make it back to Vashon. Good ol mom for taking care of me.

Sunday we were full force working on the house. Our project list was a mile long (ambitious?) but we actually got a lot of it accomplished! The laundry room wall was built and drywall is partially up. All the closet sand cabinets in the whole house are clean, master bedroom closet doors fixed, fabric flower wallpaper torn down, and carpet pulled upon the second bedroom closet. Woohoo! We are in process of determining if the shelf we want to take down actually CAN be taken down. It is unclear how it is working structurally in the house,and need some expert advice before we go further. I’d say pretty good for one day of work!

Matt and I have been craigslisting like crazy too. We sold some furniture,bought a 126 bottle wine rack, free box spring and found a dining room table to look at tonight! We even bought tile for the laundry room (much easier to agree on than paint!) and shelving for the storage room. The house is taking shape!

So where am I able to find all the time to write about this? Two words: jury duty. I have been sitting at the courthouse for two days waiting to hear if I will be on a jury. Talk about boring. A least I figured out to being my iPad on day two to keep me entertained. Only a few more hours and I am free! Fingers crossed!

Friday and Saturday are our big move days…then we will officially be living on Vashon Island!



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