Bring On the Summer!

Friday was a big day:

1)      Final presentation of my 1st year of grad school

2)      Our house appraisal came back and so financing is off to the bank for underwriting! One step closer to keys…

3)      Matt discovered a whole case of wine left over from our wedding

4)      It was warm and sunny!

I am thrilled to report that school is out, and we are quickly approaching a glorious summer in Seattle. With weddings to attend, a new house, a break from school, and no wedding to plan, 1year anniversary, and a trip to Grand Cayman…we have so much to look forward to! Things appear to be on track with the house (keep your fingers crossed for us!) and we should be getting keys July 3, and then moving a week later. Between getting keys and moving will be a whirlwind: camping for the 4th, Seattle International Beer Festival (a family tradition), getting drywall fixed in the house, painting, cleaning our rental, and finally….MOVING! July is going to fly by, and I hope I remember to step back and enjoy this exciting transition.

A smiling moment with a friend from school on our final ferry ride back from Island Wood…our first year of grad school is complete!


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