The View

Today is one of those days. One of those days when I dreaded getting out of bed because the pile of things to do seemed too big to even look at. But I got up. I hammered out some emails, pulled off a successful tour with a school district of a really cool living building classroom in Seattle, and finally felt like I was ready to take on some more.

Well, actually, that is how the last 2 weeks have felt, and it will not end till Sunday. Too much to do.

What happens Sunday? The END OF MY FIRST YEAR OF GRAD SCHOOL!!!

Now if only I can keep my sanity till then. Last night I came home with a crippling migraine. Which forced me to miss a school team meeting (which then kept me up all night stressing about). I am about as maxed out as I can be.

Added to my plate today was coordinating a trip out to Vashon to have our septic system inspected. Luckily everything fell into place, and the inspection went flawlessly, thank goodness! Best part: it was almost a clear day and we got to see our future view for the first time! Yep, just as we had hoped: peeking through the trees are the Olympic Mountains.

Everything is going to be ok.


4 thoughts on “The View

    • It goes about another 1/3 back past the grass! All those trees are “ours” (almost!)

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      On May 31, 2013, at 6:48 PM, “Moose & Turtle in Seattle”

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