Alki and the Banana

Almost 4 years ago I adopted my lovable, furry faced friend, Alki. She was a mismatched looking shelter cat that immediately stole my heart. She was not the picturesque pick of the litter: missing half an ear, some front teeth, and a crooked piggy ended tail…but she had a heart of gold that immediately melted mine. From the first night I brought her home, Alki and I were best buds. We share great memories of our time as single ladies in the waterfront apartment on Beach Drive. Then of course we met Matt and Lola and became a family.

When I first got Alki, I went to our local Mud Bay and asked about cat toys she might like. The woman recommended the oddest thing: a yellow fuzzy banana. I decided to trust her, and boy was it a hit! That thing is like Alki’s security blanket!

Now that we can close them out of our room, the kitties no longer get to sleep with us (much to their distain). However, Alki feels that it is her duty to make sure we know she is outside out door every night. Banana in tow.

Every night, about 20 minutes after we head to bed, Alki carries her fuzzy banana into the kitchen, drops it in front of the sink, and lets out a very loud “mrouw!?”. Then another one. LOUDER. This goes on until we yell from our room “goodnight Alki!”…then all is quiet.

In the morning, the banana is waiting for us in the kitchen, a gift from our crazy little cat.


6 thoughts on “Alki and the Banana

  1. That is awesome. My parents’ West Highland Trixie has a hedgehog we named Elvis that she loves, and in the morning when you come downstairs she will run to go find it, then bring it to you and drop it at your feet before giving you a good morning howl.

    • thanks Sarah! She is pretty spectacular looking 🙂 another funny story…my husband has a cat the SAME COLOR, like exactly, and so now we have twin kitties!

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