Surprise 30th-and-a-half Party

In two words: epic success.

Matt’s party was better than I could have planned. Everything came together, the surprise was a surprise, and it was more appreciated (and needed) than I ever could have imagined.

Things really started months ago, when I tried to come up with a plan to make up for “missing” Matt’s 30th birthday for my best friend’s wedding. I conceived of the idea of a surprise half birthday party, and it really took hold. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I sent a stealthy Facebook message and a barrage of texts to everyone I could think of marking the date and time on their calendars. Originally planned as a pizza and game night, our freak amazing weather turned it into a backyard BBQ. Now the question was: how do I pull this off? With the party on Friday (also Matt’s day off) how to I pull together the house, décor, food and SURPRISE without him knowing what was up? My sweet husband supplied the solution to this quandary all on his own: let’s have a couples game night BBQ (aka: the married friends that Lauren brought into our group). Perfect! They were all invited anyway so it was the perfect setup. Matt meanwhile invited all his single buddies over the NEXT weekend for a guy’s game night when I am at school.

Since we were having people over, Matt was in full prep mode on Friday: clean the house, make burgers from scratch, weed whack the back yard. He did not even question the fact that we were making WAY too many burgers for a small group of friends (Oh yea baby, I know we don’t need that many. We can just freeze the extras for more BBQs this summer! Brilliant!) I hid the extra set of buns, and snuck the awesome Safeway cake into the house while he was busy working in the back yard with earplugs in.

Around six o’clock his buddy Matt showed up (invited to both parties so this made no waves). They were handing out in the back yard when Jeff arrived, bringing Matt’s favorite beer. Matt was all confused, and figured Jeff mixed up the dates for this weekend and next, and Jeff played along and it was great. Not even three minutes later, Ross arrives, totally throwing Matt off with surprise! We break the news that the BBQ was to celebrate him and from then on there was a permanent smile plastered to my sweet husband’s face. He was amazed when his buddy Chris showed up, then Michael and Brianna, and both his brothers with their ladies. His whole wedding line-up was there and that is an impossible group to pull together!

We cooked burgers and hotdogs, ate tons of food, and sang happy half birthday to him in the backyard. Matt even got to make a little speech which he said made up for his regret that he did not say more public “thank yous” at our wedding.

After a long week of work stress, this was exactly what Matt needed to remind him how much he is loved. It was wonderful to see the pure joy on his face for a true surprise party (which he has always wanted), and have a great time with friends.

Surprise birthday: success.


One thought on “Surprise 30th-and-a-half Party

  1. Yay! I’m so thrilled that the surprise party was a success and Matt had a great time! Your backyard is such a great spot for parties and BBQs 🙂

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