Cake Stress

Why do I do this to myself? All week I have been losing sleep over cake.



For months now I have been planning a surprise 30th-and-a-half birthday gathering for my sweet husband. As his 30th birthday was the same day as my best friend’s wedding, it was epic fun, but lost some of the glory that you deserve on such a milestone. So this has been my plan since last year.

I carefully stalked from-scratch yellow cake recipes and the perfect chocolate frosting (even finding his Mom’s recipe that he grew up with). Then I realized my fatal flaw: I have no time to bake a cake…let alone a SURPRISE cake! The party is Friday, also known as his day off. I can’t even go into work late and make it since he is home!

Yellow Cake

So, I have been losing sleep. Planning the party is challenging enough. How do I pull this off? I managed to get everyone invited…then Matt proposed the grand idea of having a BBQ this weekend! Ok, so he thinks we are having a small get together with a few of my friends. Little does he know that ALL his buddies will be there too, and a cake!

Yes, back to the cake. After finally sending a plea to my support posse (aka: Mom & Jenny) for help, both of them came back with a solution: just buy him a Safeway cake. It is his favorite kind anyway, and would save me SO much time. Thank you both from reeling in this overcommitted DIYer, I needed that.

I am happy to report that the cake is ordered. White on white with a massive beach scene on the front…and it was even on sale!

So here is to the party! I am going to need a glass of wine with my cake.


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