Mi. Si Hike

When it hits 70 in Seattle, no one is indoors…except those of us in grad school who are banging our heads against the wall for accounting homework (and Matt who is at work banging his head against the wall). We are looking forward to grilling up some halibut in the backyard tonight and having a bonfire to celebrate the end of the sunny weekend.

Leading up to our work filled day today has been a great weekend! Matt cleaned house on Friday while I was at work, then we went to our friends Benny and Lana’s house for a great salmon dinner on the deck. Oh it feels like summer!

Taking advantage of Matt’s parents living out towards the mountains, we spent the night there on Friday to get a jump start for a day of hiking. We cooked up a great breakfast feast – grits, eggs, bacon, fruit and scones – and then headed off to conquer Mt. Si.

This beautiful hike is #1 in popularity for Seattlites. It is close to Seattle, but still gets you into the mountains, is easy to access, and is a great workout. 8 miles round trip, with 3000+ ft elevation gain makes it a good challenge, but not impossible. We packed our sandwiches and at lunch at the top with a stunning view of Mt. Rainer. Beautiful, beautiful day.

On the way home we grabbed some groceries, including fresh halibut for dinner (last night and tonight’s!) and had a low key evening at home. What a great weekend…now, back to accounting.


3 thoughts on “Mi. Si Hike

  1. Hello! I’m so glad you came across my blog, I love finding other Pacific NW bloggers. I have always wanted to hike Mt. Si! As soon as my knee is better I definitely want to tackle this. It’s so close to our new house we can see it from our neighborhood!

    • It is a good one! You need to have healthy knees though since it is up for 4 miles and then nothing but down for 4…my knees were not to happy by the end! I hope you find something fun outside for these beautiful days in May 🙂

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