Feeling Groovy

We were going 1000 miles an hour last week, and it was way too fast. After a long week of early mornings, not enough sleep, stress at school, stress at work, stress with Matt and his work, we were both just shot.

Friday afternoon we had a companywide meeting, and halfway through I felt a migraine coming on. I get a migraine about twice a year, and it is one of the worst things. I could feel my eyes watering as I tried to pay attention and look engaged as our CEO and executive team talked. After the meeting I did my rounds, catching up with my higher-ups and updating them about our house search and grad school. I love working for a company where even though we have 2000 employees, the CEO knows me personally. I fought back the headache as long as I could stand and finally got in my car to go home. I am glad I made it. My head was pounding so hard that I could barely focus on the road.

I pulled myself out of the car and made it about 2 steps inside the house before collapsing on the floor not caring to move. Matt was home, and he immediately sprung to action: pillow, blanket, glass of water, and then curled up next to me on the floor until I feel asleep.

Two hours later I was functional again. Thank goodness! Matt mowed the grass and I made dinner. I also started my blogosphere inspired dessert: raw, vegan chocolate vanilla ice cream sandwiches. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this blog featuring all sorts of raw, vegan food masterpieces, and figured it was worth a try. As you can probably imagine, Matt was rather skeptical. I have to say that they turned out about how I expected, good, but probably not something I would jump to make again. I do think I will try to use dates in place of sugar in more things though, and this recipe has got us both hooked on hemp seeds in our muesli.

Saturday we had planned to go hiking, but instead took a slow morning to sleep in and then Matt made coosh coosh for breakfast: a Cajun staple he grew up with. Boy was that a treat!

He edged the whole front yard while I plugged away at homework and cleaning the house. We simmered a pot of bean soup on the stove all day and then feasted on cornbread, soup and ice cream sandwiches for dinner.

We really needed this opportunity to slow down. After all, tomorrow starts another week.


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