Coffee, Boots, Import Goods & an Art Show

Last Friday night we went to the local second-run theater to see Silver Linings Playlist, and then came home to make a fresh strawberry rhubarb cobbler and watch another movie. It was a late night for me, but really fun to stay up with Matt knowing there was nothing else we needed to be doing.

Saturday morning we slept in a little, then got up and headed out for a Seattle date day! I have been coveting a pair of brown cowgirl boots, and so we hit up a used boot sale (stuck out there) and then found a great little coffee shop/bakery for breakfast in Ballard. Café Besalu did not disappoint! I had an Americano and fresh pear galette while Matt ordered a macchiato and cheese brioche. We split a slice of quiche. Although breakfast was great, we both agreed that The Original Bakery in West Seattle trumps it.

Full with breakfast, we headed to the other half of the boot warehouse, the actual store. Success! I found a great pair of brown leather boots that were broken in but not too worn…$35! Woohoo! Our final destination was the Bemis Art Show opening at noon, so we had some time to kill. Not a problem…there are tons of markets that we love in the international district so that is where we went. We parked at Uwajimaya, and walked to Big John’s PFI. If you love to cook and have never been here, you are missing out! It is a European food importer warehouse that it totally full of amazing stuff. We came out with fresh spices (from their bulk bins), pasta, anchovies, fresh cocoa powder, and canned Italian tomatoes and buckwheat groats. We drooled over the mile long cheese case but held off.

We walked back to Uwajimaya and proceeded to fill a small cart with Asian goodies…soy sauce, vegetables, rice noodles, fresh halibut, and Vietnamese coffee (our favorite to put through the Moka). We took our time to wander every isle, and make a plan for dinners for the upcoming week. We picked up fresh halibut to make Matt’s famous halibut cakes, so we had those on Saturday night and then the other two on Monday. Great treat!

It was almost 2:00 by this point, so we headed over to the art show. One of Matt’s coworkers was showing, so we wanted to support her, and check out the awesome art loft building it was in! I hate to admit it, but I was way more into seeing the building than all the art inside. The Bemis Building is a Seattle icon right next to the new Viaduct construction. It is brick with old windows, and a huge BEMIS block letter sign across the roof. I love old buildings. The first thing that struck me were the wood floors. These floors were clearly original, and scraped, bumped and bruised from decades of use. The finish was different as we walked room to room, but I was entranced. It felt so solid and rich with history. The individual lofts were pretty cool too. Each tenant had a totally unique style, and it was fun to tour through all their individual spaces. Matt and I were both inspired to start painting again.

With sore feet we headed home, and spent the rest of the afternoon playing Carcassonne and cooking dinner. The halibut cakes were excellent, and it was so nice to kick back for a slow Saturday night.

Sunday is always a bit of a loss day in our house. Matt works, and I spend my time split between kickboxing class at the gym and doing homework. Added to that this Sunday was three hours of team project meetings. I was feeling unmotivated when I woke up, and just laid in bed for a while summoning a spark to get me moving. I finally got myself together and pounded out some work, did my own workout at the gym (the kickboxing instructor was a sub that I don’t particularly like) and then made good progress during my meetings. Luckily everything got done, and we were able to make a last minute dinner date with our wedding officiant and good friend, Marty. We met at the Kingfish Café on Capitol Hill for a scrumptious southern dinner, and heard all about his recent adventures in Mexico. We brought out our wedding necklace, and Marty showed us some new creations with Mexican seeds. To round out the evening, Matt and I stopped by Old School Custard for dessert. Yep, this week has been a get back on track for eating week!


3 thoughts on “Coffee, Boots, Import Goods & an Art Show

  1. The kinds of foods you guys find and create always amaze me! If by some magic I’m in Seattle at any point, I’m coming to your house for a cooking lesson.

  2. I love Cafe Besalu!! If you say The Original Bakery in West Seattle is even better, I need to try it sometime!

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