Life Before the Sunrise

I am thinking of this week as a test for moving to Vashon. Matt was put on an extra early shift this week (starting work at 6 rather than 7:30 AM), and instead of having him suffer through an hour long bus ride that early in the morning, I offered to do an early morning week too so that we could carpool, me dropping him at the office on the way to work. Plus I am winning major wife points 🙂 So far things have gone well. The mornings are not feeling rushed, and commuting together actually gives us more time together; a nice way to start the day! We are in the car by 5:35 headed towards Seattle on totally empty streets listening to NPR and watching the sun come up. By 6 we are both at our desks at our respective offices, and ready to tackle the day. Well, not quite. This morning I am actually at a coffee shop in Bothell writing email and writing a quick blog post before an 8:30 meeting.

Yes, these mornings have been early, but clearly they are doable. Monday I was half asleep after lunch, but my body is adjusting. So why is this what our commute from Vashon would look like? Well, assuming Matt is still on his 7:30 start schedule, we would have to be on the 6:10 water taxi to make it. I usually start my day at the office around then as well, so we plan to commute together on that schedule, taking advantage of a day skewed towards early, so we can take the (hopefully!) 4:30 water taxi home. Oh the joys of commuting on the water. It will take some adjustment when the times comes, but I am really looking forward to being on the island.

On that note, we are still waiting for more houses to come on the market. And are making plans for chickens in the next few weeks. Life just never slows down!


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